Annual Congress of the Hungarian Association of Phoneticians, Phoniaters, and Speech Therapists, 2017

New results of the Research Group on the irregular phonation appearing on word initial vowels were introduced on the Congress by Alexa. The results showed similar trends to those found for other languages: vowel height predicts the occurrence of irregularity; however, the articulation rate showed different pattern to the previous results.

Another study done (and itroduced at the congruess) by Tekla, Alexandra and Karolina Takács (ELTE) revealed that this contradiction of the prevoius studies and our results on tempo on irregularity may appear due to an interaction of the task: structure of the used nonwense words and quick reading. The spontaneous speech data also strengthened the results on the effect of vowel height on te appereance of irregular phonation, but contradicted the previous studies on other languages with respect to the differences of function and content words.

Tekla introduced some new results on the research of the acoustics of fricatives in the L1-acquisition with Valéria Krepsz and Tilda Neuberger (Research Institute for Linguistics, Hungarian Academy of Sciences). The study introduced the specificity of z-realizations compaired to alveolar and post-alveolar voiceless fricatives between the ages of 4 and16 years and in adults.