CAPSS2017 – Challenges in Analysis and Processing of Spontaneous Speech

Our Research Group participated at the workshop CAPSS2017 (organized by the Research Institute for Linguistics, Hungarian Academy of Sciences).

One of our projects was introduced by Alexandra. In the study, we analyzed the occurrence of irregular phonation in word initial vowels of non-sense words. According to the presented results the articulatory rate and some articulatory features of the vowel have an effect on this phenomenon.

Our equipments and future projects were introduced by Tamás, Alexandra and Andrea in a demonstration:

Tekla gave a talk on a study carried out with Alexandra and Karolina Takács (ELTE BTK). They also studied the irregular phonation of word initial vowels but in read sentences and spontaneous speech. In accordance with the non-sense word study, these results also confirmed that the articulatory features of the vowels and the articulatory rate influence the occurrence of irregular phonation in word initial vowels. They also analyzed the type of the carrying word but this did not have an effect on the phenomenon (in opposition to results on Polish and German).