ELTE Mothertongue Days

EAN (Egyetemi Anyanyelvi Napok = Mothertongue days) is organized by ELTE every year. During the event exciting talks and competitions await the student of ELTE.

This year, the renewed student workshop group of the Phonetics Department, the Student workshop on Phonetics and Psycholinguistics introduces themselves. (https://www.facebook.com/groups/369922799699075/)

Among this year’s programs, you can find a talk on ethology “Can dogs communicate with us?” by Attila Andics (MTA-ELTE Comperative Ethology Research Group, http://etologia.elte.hu/). The discussants of the talk consists of Andrea, Helga Hattyár (MTA NyTI, ELTE BTK) and András Imrényi (ELTE BTK).


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