EMA study published in Beszédkutatás [Speech research] journal

Andrea and Alexandra (with co-authors) have published an EMA study on the articulatory strategies of soprano singers in Beszédkutatás [Speech reserach] journal. The investigation was carried out in a collaboration between the University of Cologne and ELTE (sponsored by TKA and DAAD). This study is the first to use EMA (provided by the Phonetics Institute of the University of Cologne) in the investigation of articulation in soprano singing.

DEME Andrea, GREISBACH Reinhold, MARKÓ Alexandra, MEIER Michelle, BARTÓK Márton, JANKOVICS Julianna, WEIDL Zsófia, Tongue and jaw movements in high-pitched soprano singing, In:BESZÉDKUTATÁS, vol. 24, 2016, pp. 121-138 DOI