Announcing our program How does it work? On hearing and speech — A World Voice Day event of the MTA-ELTE “Lendület” Lingual Articulation Research Group

World Voice Day  is an international program series   ( that promotes the importance and beauty of human voice worldwide. 2017 is the fifth year when World Voice Day is organized. 16th April is the official day of the event. Several presentations, talks, conferences, concerts are organized this day and the surrounding days. You can see the available program at

This year our research group joins World Voice Day with a scientific outreach event
targeting high school students.

Prof. dr. Klára Vicsi DSc, habil. (Head of the Speech Acoustics Laboratory of Budapest University of Klara_1aTechnology and Economics Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics , az MTA Commity of Acoustic Complex /AKB/)


Prof. dr. Tamás Hacki, habil. (Medical University of Regensburg, Semmelweis University, Eötvös Loránd University)THacki

give talks on speech production and hearing,

while the ELTE Pro Musica choir provides the vivid illustration of the beauties of the voice.


In the second half of the program the students get a hands-on introduction to the acoustic analysis of speech and how the tongue ultrasound works, and they can try their knowledge on speech and hearing in a quiz.