Student work

We report on two students’ study that was carried out recently joining to the work of LingArt Research Group.

Márton Bartók (MA student of the Speech Research program, ELTE), analyzed how voice quality may be connected to emotion expression. He analyzed voice quality measures in several speech samples differening in emotional content by the use of electroglottography.
With this research, Márton was awarded the first price at the faculty round of National Scientific Students’ Associations Conference. Congratulations!

Eduardo Sanz Martín wrote his BSc-thesis at BME on articulatory-to-acoustic speech synthesis using ultrasound images of the tongue, and comparing the re-synthesized acoustic results to the original speech material under the supervision of Tamás and Alexandra. His BSc thesis is available here: EduardoSanzMartin-BScThesis

We are looking forward to greet more students joining our work!