Busy December

At the beginning of December the members of our Research Group participated at two conferences.

On a conference about child language entitled Új utak a gyermeknyelvi kutatásokban [New paths in the research of children’s speech] (ELTE, Budapest) Alexandra gave a talk about the possibilities of the electroglottograph, ultrasound and EMA-based investigation of children’s articulation.

A few weeks after, Alexandra presented her results on filled pauses with irregular phonation at the Speech Research 2016 conference (Zagreb). At this event Andrea also introduced some new results on lip and jaw movements in Hungarian high pitched soprano singing with her coauthors: Reinhold Greisbach & Michelle Meier (Universität zu Köln); Bartók Márton, Jankovics Julianna, Weidl Zsófia (ELTE BTK) & Alexandra. Gergely presented his results on the function of blinks in the Hungarian sign language.