Reserach Visit at the University of Cologne

Between 30 October and 4 November Andrea, Alexandra, Gergely along with Márton Bartók (ELTE BTK) and Julianna Jankovics (ELTE BTK) visited the Phonetics Institute at the University of Cologne to wrap up their joint project with the University. The project focused on the articulatory strategies of soprano singers in the high pitch region when producing Hungarian and German vowels. In the analyses we used electromagnetic articulography (EMA  AG 501) provided by the Phonetic Institute (IfL) at the University of Cologne. The project lasted two years (between 2015 and 2016) and was funded by the TKA and the DAAD. It also included Zsófia Weidl (ELTE BTK), Reinhold Greisbach (Universität zu Köln), and Michelle Meier (Universität zu Köln). We look forward to continue our fruitful collaboration with the Phonetic Institute (IfL) in the future, and we gratefully acknowledge the financial support provided by the DAAD and the TKA.