World Voice Day – How does it work? On phonation – Scientific outreach event for high school and university students

On April 27th, 2018, our research group organised a scientific outreach event for high school and university students on the occasion of the World Voice Day for the second time. This time we focused on the process of phonation, and the linguistic and paralinguistic functions of human phonatory behaviour.

The event was opened by dr. Boross Gábor, vice dean of ELTE BTK. The opening speech was followed by multiple songs by the ELTE Pro Musica Choir, conducted by Mindszenty Zsuzsánna.




Afterwards, Tekla gave an engaging presentation about the process of phonation. She also illustrated how the mechanics of the vocal fold can differ between men and women, children and andults, or how the dynamic modulation of phonation contributes to the realisation of pitch.

This talk was followed by a live demonstration by Márton about electroglottography. The basic use of the device, and the phonatory variability observable during emotion expression was demonstrated with the help of a brave volunteer from the audience.

Finally – just as last year – we concluded our event with a quiz based on the talk. Many thanks for the kind attention to the audience, and for the beautiful photographs to Réka Hantó, Tünde Regele and Dániel Bernhardt. We hope to see you next year!